Do my kids really need Enzymes?

Most Autistic Children experience digestive issues.

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla.-Results form a new survey conducted by the Enzyme Research Group found that 81 of the children with autism experience digestive issues, 48 percent on regular basis. More than half (66 percent) of the parents in the survey reported food sensitivities, and even more (80 percent) of parents reported children experience food cravings, such as sugary treats (35 percent), dairy (30 percent), wheat (25 percent) and junk foods (32 percent).

The most common digestive issues were gassy or bloated bellies (42 percent); yeast overgrowth (48 percent); diarrhea (39 percent); constipation (55 percent); allergies (52 percent); and reactions from lactose, gluten, casein and phenol (66 percent).

A solid majority of parents (70 percent) share that their child currently follows, or has tried a restrictive diet to help manage digestive heath, such as gluten free (52 percent), casein free/dairy free (55 percent), elimination of artificial flavors and additives (43 percent), soy free (28 percent) and sugar free (17 percent).

Most parents (80 percent) said they offer dietary supplements, typically in combination with a special diet, to soothe and support healthy digestion, and reduce dietary sensitivities, such as probiotics (70 percent), enzymes (57 percent), herbs and teas (23 percent) and fermented foods (21 percent).

The survey found more than 58 percent of parents, aunts and uncles; 45 percent of grandparents, and 20 percent of siblings also experience digestive issues. So the answer is YES

natural probiotics Do my kids really need Probiotics?

Without realizing it, every day your children eat processed, over-refined, or sterilized foods that destroy the natural balance of healthy flora in their intestines.

Even when eating a so-called healthy diet, your bodies flora is bombarded with chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics that further endanger this delicate balance of friendly bacteria. In addition, most of us don't eat enough if any of the traditional, naturally fermented foods that contain these bacteria

Once the beneficial flora decline in number, damaging substances gain the upper hand and your health suffers: your gut becomes damaged and inflamed, toxins get into your bloodstream and cause distressing symptoms, nutritional deficiencies occur, and a host of other health conditions can result.

If you consume probiotics every day, as food and/or supplements, you can help maintain the proper balance of bacterial flora in the gut and thus enjoy better health and vitality.

Ultra-Enzyme Support® PLUS™ is a high performance vegetarian, broad-spectrum digestive enzyme formula combined with billions of beneficial live probiotics and only whole food vitamin C.